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Colostle - 2-player Co-op Rules module - Digital Download

Colostle is a Solo RPG Adventure, but what if you wanted to head out on an adventure into the Roomlands, with a friend? This 9-page digital add-on module adapts the rules of Colostle to be playable as 2 players, with special unique rules to make co-operative play fun and quite different!


N.B: This module is contained within 'Colostle - The Roomlands' hardback

This is a rules add-on module. You will need the base rulebook of Colostle to be able to use these rules.



  • PDF version of the 9 page 2-player co-operative rules with illustrations and unique encounter and oracle tables to enhance your game.

When you place your order you will receive an email with a link for download of your purchase.

Colostle - 2-player Co-op Rules module

SKU: COL2player04
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