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The World of the Colostle

The Colostle seems to exist infinitely in all directions, rooms beyond rooms, floors above floors. Although after some climbing one can reach the rooftops or battlements, the view that destination affords is one of tiles and towers to the horizon.

Everyone's game of Colostle is different, exploring a different part of this impossible and infinite structure, but there are regions, cultures and specific types of rooms to discover out there, beyond what is known and mapped.

Below are a few of these incredible locations to be found. To discover these places and the rules specific to them, head over to the Colostle Patreon and subscribe for only £2 a month, to discover incredible new places in the Colostle every month.

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The Roomlands

The Roomlands is the name the people of the Colostle call the wilds beyond their villages and cities. The Roomlands are the standard landscapes and environments an adventurer or hunter would discover on their first trip out of safety.

The Roomlands are filled with mountains, lakes, canyons, rivers, oceans, deserts, caves and ancient ruins, but most dangerously of all, they are filled with Rooks.

Rooks are bizarre walking castles, stone giants that seem to wander aimlessly, until disturbed and then they can become incredibly aggressive. They are powerful and formidable opponents but the rewards can be great if an adventurer can bring one down.

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The Oceans

The oceans, huge bodies of water that sit within the rooms of the Colostle. Some rooms are entirely water, with no land masses present at all, others are a mix of the two with coastlines and beaches.

There is all manner of strange things to discover whilst out at sea in the Colostle, from the dreaded Sea Rooks, to pirates, deserted islands and great maelstroms or whirlpools, sometimes caused by a hole in the ocean floor draining the ocean down into the room below...

The biggest thing to be aware of when navigating the oceans is the weather. Out on the sea the weather can change quickly, so keep an eye on that weather prompt table to see how your adventures are affected.

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Photo 07-05-2021, 09 35 47.jpg

The Battlements

The Battlements or rooftops of the Colostle are a sight very few people have seen, especially the regular populace of the Colostle who live to farm and work the Roomlands.

It is a mythical place that allows for a view of the Colostle off into the distance, rooftops, tiles and towers to the horizon. Up here it is bleak and exposed with very little to sustain life.

The biggest threat up here are the Astrolithic Rooks, strange flying Rooks that come down from the sky, hot and steaming. They are the toughest opponents to fight but the reward for defeating one is something special.

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The Tundroom

A newly discovered type of room, the Tundroom is an icy wasteland, with nothing but ice and snow as far as the eye can see. Despite this, people do live here, on jutting rocky islands in a sea of slick ice, the Naught make their meagre living in a tribal fashion, battling with other tribes and hunting animals for food.

The Naught have developed a unique way of surviving out on the ice, piloting huge Rook husks with a crew out onto the tundra to raid other villages or battle with other Rooknaughts. It is bleak and tough but the appeal of commanding a Rooknaught and a crew might be enough for an adventurer to venture out...

Tundroom Artwork.jpg

The Grand City of Parapette

Parapette is the largest city in the Known Roomlands. Built inside the body of a long dead Colossal Rook, its streets and dwellings snake between old gears and still spinning axles of the former Rook's inner workings.

Parapette is massive, and home to some of the most significant parts of civilisation in the known world, such as the Archaeologists Guild, the Grand Hunters Guild, the Rookling Arena and the legendary tavern, Rooks Rest.

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The Rafters

High above the ground of every room, up in the sky beyond the clouds, the Rafters can be glimpsed on a clear day. Impossibly massive beams spanning the rooms width and length, they are generally thought to be inaccessible by people.

But everyone knows of the Gargoyles, strange winged stone creatures who swoop down on unsuspecting ill-prepared travellers out in the Roomlands. The Gargoyles will grab you if you're not careful and whisk you away, but where do they take you?

Well, up to the Rafters it seems. High up here, the temperature is much higher, the air humid due to the closeness to the Brazier, the huge source of heat and light in the ceiling of every room. And the Rafters are home to the jungles and stone nests of the Gargoyles, but maybe there are even more secrets to be found up here in a place forgotten by man...

Photo 25-07-2021, 13 59 22.jpg
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