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Colostle - Dungeons

The latest expansion in the Colostle series, 'The Dungeons', is coming very soon! This expansion adds a whole new area to explore, underneath the Known Roomlands. There is a new city, with NPCs to meet and build relationships with; Labyrinths to explore with unique game mechanics, puzzles and bosses; and another campaign story throughout the whole thing that drops some seriously huge lore! You're not going to want to miss out on this one!

Shipping to the US

Dungeons is printed in the UK and it will be finished and with me in the next month or so, but thats when things get a little complicated. I now have a new fulfilment partnership in the USA which means a reduction in postage costs for all American customers of Colostle!

However, it will take a long time for me to get the new Dungeons stock to the US warehouse and I don't want it to delay the launch of the new book. SO, when Dungeons launches, I will be offering TWO postage options for customers in the USA.

POSTAGE OPTION 1 - This will be the 'from the UK' postage rate I have been offering up until recently. It's higher, and takes a couple of weeks but its fully tracked and unchanged from what you are used to in the past. You'll get the book more quickly if you choose this option.

POSTAGE OPTION 2 - This will be the new, much lower postage option for US customers, but the book won't be with you until the stock has been shipped to the US warehouse, which will take around 2 months. If you choose this option it will function a bit like a pre-order. Your order will be guaranteed and locked in, you will just have to wait for the stock to sail across the sea and arrive in your country!

I want to offer both options so that I can launch the book when I hoped but not force US customers to have pay the old prices. I hope all of that makes sense!

Available from 4th June 2024

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