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The Colostle

An impossible structure that stretches infinitely in every direction. There is no 'outside' of the Colostle, only inside. Within these 'Roomlands' are continents and oceans, cities and mountain ranges, countries and peoples. This section concerns the nature of everything that is structural, what is the Colostle and how does it work...

The Roomlands

The Roomlands is a term that encompasses all of the interior of the Colostle, both known and unknown. This term was given to the lands of the Colostle by those who were born and live here ever since they become aware that what they considered outside, was actually a massive 'inside'.

If one travels far enough they would reach the wall of the room they currently inhabit. Most rooms of the Colostle are inconceivably huge, meaning that the fogging of the atmosphere usually occludes the walls of a room if one is stood in the middle. These rooms contain continents,

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