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Digital edition of Colostle - A Solo RPG Adventure.

Colostle is a rulebook and setting for an adventure in the impossible roomlands of the Colostle, a castle so huge that whole continents, oceans and mountain ranges sit within its rooms. Use a standard deck of playing cards and check your draws against prompts and rules in the book to see what you discover on your adventures, and then write of your exploits and legend in a journal!


Digital content pack includes:

  • PDF version of the 64 page Complete Edition of the Base rulebook, including all base rules, Kickstarter expansions and bonus artwork.
  • World Map JPG - full colour artwork of the Known Roomlands, perfect inspiration or setting for your adventures!
  • Character Sheet - not vital for your adventures but a convenient and fun way to keep track of your character's stats and inventory!
  • Print-and-play deck of Colostle playing cards - printready artwork of the illustrated deck of cards for you to print out and cut out yourself!

When you place your order you will receive an email with a link for download of your purchase.

Colostle - Digital Content Pack

SKU: COLdigital02
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