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Dungeons (Digital Edition)

The third expansion to the award-winning solo RPG, Colostle - this time taking you to the subterranean basement floor of the colossal structure of the Colostle!


Down here it is nothing like the Roomlands above with its breezy hills and oceans and cloud filled skies. Down here it is dark and wet with dangers around every corner, but also a wealth of treasures waiting to be uncovered!


This book adds a whole new biome with unique exploration tables and new enemies and challenges to overcome. It also adds a new city, NPCs you can build relationships and Labyrinths to delve into for lore and treasures – if you can defeat the boss-like ‘Guardians’ waiting at their end!


Get ready Roomlander… 'Colostle – Dungeons' takes your solo adventure to new heights, by exploring new depths!


A4, 128 page, PDF edition


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Dungeons - Digital Edition

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