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Enhance your adventures in the Colostle by taking on the job role of an Inventor! Job Packs are expansions for Colostle that add to your characters adventures and purpose in the Roomlands, by giving them a profession and way to earn a living! These unique decks of cards simply add on to the standard rules in the Colostle base rulebook, being drawn alongside the other cards to add more flavour to your game!


As an Inventor, collect components of defeated Rooks after beating them in battle and combine them together in creative ways to create gadgets and gizmos to either help with your adventures or sell to other Rookhunters in towns and cities!


Contains 39 component cards and 15 blank cards to create your own components.


Click here to read the rules for the Job Packs and download PDF templates for their unique journals.


As I am a solo, independent creator, your order may take 2-3 weeks to be dispatched. If you are ordering from within the UK then it should take a couple of days postage time to arrive after that. If you are ordering from outside the UK it may take a few weeks or so after dispatch to arrive.


It may take a week or so after order to receive your dispatch notification with your tracking information, so please bear with me!


Non-tracked postage options are only available for orders up to 2kg. If your total order weight exceeds 2kg and you have selected 'non-tracked' shipping then your shipping price will be automatically upgraded to a tracked service price.


Orders can be shipped anywhere in the world except for Brazil, Russia and Ukraine currently.

Inventor Job Pack - Expansion Deck

SKU: COLInventor
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