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Get hold of all 4 Job Pack mini-expansions for Colostle in digital PDF format, to print at home yourself!


Add the side quest job roles of Cartographer, Inventor, Researcher and Apothecary to your Colostle games with these 4 unique decks of cards. Play as a Cartographer and make maps of the Colostle to sell, play as an Inventor and combine your component cards together to create gadgets and inventions, play as a Researcher and use your Rook characteristics deck to add unique qualities to the Rooks you fight or play as an Apothecary and forage for ingredients to brew potions!


This bundle includes all 4 decks. When printing them out, select 9up or 3x3 to ensure your printer prints 9 cards on each page.


Click here to see the rules for each Job Pack.

Job Packs Bundle - Digital (Print and Play)

SKU: DigiJobPacksBundle
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