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Colostle: Kyodaina (Hardback)

The second expansion to the award-winning solo RPG, 'Kyodaina' expands your adventures in the Colostle even more by adding an entirely new area to the world, with different culture, aesthetics and game rules! Kyodaina resembles the east of our world, and with that new look comes Rooks that look like eastern castles and a whole empire to explore.


Discover 4 completely brand new 'zones' with their own story prompts, mechanics and story moments; learn huge new pieces of lore that unravel more of the mystery of the Colostle itself; train at 'Temples' to learn skills from the monks who teach there; and add a new stat to your character in the form of 'Spirit'.


Kyodaina also has a story that runs throughout the book about a false Emperor on the throne and the rise of a resistance to take him down. You may choose to what degree your character and story interacts with this one, but it provides a backdrop to your adventures in Kyodaina.


A4, 80 page, hardback edition


As I am a solo, independent creator, your order may take upto a week to be dispatched. If you are ordering from within the UK or US then it should take a couple of days postage time to arrive after that. If you are ordering from outside the UK or US it may take a few weeks or so after dispatch to arrive.


Orders can be shipped anywhere in the world except for Brazil, Russia and Ukraine currently.

Kyodaina (Hardback)

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